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Our company is the Japanese origin pump manufacturer Ebara Corporation conducts its distributor in Turkey.
EBARA CORPORATION was established in Japan in 1912, with production engaged in the main pump, the annual $ 6 billion turnover in excess of 15,000 people from the overworked and water to all types 65.000 Hp.'Y than 0.5 HP - liquid pump under one name It bears the title of the world's largest pump manufacturer with its own facilities for production of the feature.
Sump Pump Technology and Marketing Ind. Inc. In 1997, who have labored for many years in the pump industry, the sector's submersible sewage market unit, a pump manufacturer of foreign origin, which operates already in Turkey was the founder (1990) and the company has brought a significant level has been established by the Text molding.
Ebara's production line in the series produced in stainless steel and manufactured from cast iron water, wastewater, a 1000 hp used in city infrastructure and sewage pumping stations with process pumps of up produced tailor-made dry and divers in wet pumps, wastewater, irrigation and sea water (salt water) is pumped in available large-scale vertical or horizontal type (mixed axial-flow, double suction, axial vertical shaft, high pressure turbine type) pumps, monolithic used in the printing of acidic waters (monoblock) penta can be produced plastic pumps, power plants (thermal power plants, hydroelectric etc.), petrochemical plants and refineries (oil, LNG) used API 610 general process and specific pumps can be manufactured in standard and also special optional tailor other types of fluids (sugar, liquefied coal, made of ash and slag power plant waste, etc. ) can be produced in the pump can push.
Sump Pump company has assumed the general manager title and responsibilities of the text molding company's main strategies of the world's largest pump line under a single brand and manufacturing size with Ebara Corporation is the know-how, technology implementation experience with the company, unlimited engineering capability in the design of pumps and pump station correctly and strategic marketing has shaped the establishment of the distribution network. The establishment of the commercial infrastructure here better marketing techniques and projects were identified as overlapping with Ebara technical logic of follow-up. From this point, the location and name of Ebara's market day is spread on a firmer footing.
The result; as sump pump 25-year water and our experience covering the sales and marketing of liquid pumps, water the objective of a global brand such as Ebara, soil and the importance it gives up zero emission target, research and development activities by integrating only produce whether selling products and selling the future of humanity is clean, It is built on shaping the world we want to strongly emphasize livable and green.

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