Dealership System

Sump Pump follow Dealership System that since 2001, the year 2012 as the first event continues with the strategy and structure. According to this; What is it that everyone's giving up but are not yet in the system vendor or dealer "Why I work related?", "Why would I give you a check?", "What I gain?" The answer to the question on the form?
Sump Pompa generally this is a very high quality level and also diversity (horizontal and vertical pump type and abundance of models) Owing to the need in almost every sector of the products that a lot of the strategies developed ten years ago and sump pumps as well as providing the winning retailer.
Basically dealership system:
1. Annual quota connection
2. Package purchase discount (One, one party purchases exclusive)
3. Individual purchase discount (the year 2012 as advance purchase of 10% (ten percent) will be applied.) Takes the form.
However, although the last two items is not the first item that is able to be applied to the market in the quota system and a very meaningful way to future work items. This chain Ebara, distributors, dealers and end users to each other back to back (back to back) have created a supply system that provides business and trust.
Thus pump stocks every day expand the main distributor Sump Pump, regional and verdikçe connection common solutions Connected selected from thousands of manufacturers by city expanding main distributor of goods inventory, inventory expands distributor of his marketing and promotional activities in the following as a result of increasing end-user demand that state the positive cycle entering into is growing like a snowball.
Only his sump pump; honest, bound by mutual loyalty, has given strong and Ebara hearts solution is to find partners. This structure is not outside so that another generation is concerned, and Ebara & Sump pumps are gaining both selected dealers. 100 years of pump repair is with Japanese quality and diversity, change, are inadequate handling negative values ​​such as performance, deep trust of users and dealers also provides comfort in buying and selling stage. Sump Pump very fast growing dealership network expansion step by step instead of some provinces that adopted the basic principles are still in a position suitable for the partnership. The results detailed information contact our head office on the subject may be.
God Sump pumps health, wellness, and will abandon this strategy in life. At the same time publicity, seminars, customer visits and trade fairs will continue uninterrupted and infrastructure consolidation.
Production of high quality common appeal to every sector, which can be found immediately wish to give everyone the Ebara Pumps ...

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